Important Note – This diet plan can be used by anyone who wants to eat healthier / more properly, anyone who has the desire to lose weight, and also anyone who wants to gain weight. By filling out the questionnaire, you leave your data, and then you get an adequate diet plan in relation to that.

You will get the menu (diet plan for four weeks) within the caloric needs of your body and you will be able to use it when you finish the program and eat without the specific plan.

After completing the questionnaire (which I send you after payment) you get a plan that is in line with your desired result.

You will lose excess fluid that makes you feel bloated and heavy, especially in the summer.

If you train (which I definitely recommend), your muscles will get all the necessary macro and micronutrients they need to strengthen and be toned through the program.

You can use this diet program as many times as you want until you reach the desired goal.

You will not spend a lot of money on expensive groceries, you will be able to get everything at a nearby store.

By eating right, you regain a sense of control over your body and feel better in your skin!